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    Welcome to the American Revolution Lacrosse

    We have a simple mission for our program. We want to provide the lacrosse experience of a lifetime through positive energy and maximum teaching. 

    If your child signs up for one of our teams or camps, ensuring their success becomes a duty, obligation, and responsibility.

    We have an opportunity to mold a young person's future. We take that very seriously.

    National High School Teams

    Not all club lacrosse programs are equated equal. The Revolution National High School Team Program puts players from all over the country to compete at primetime fall and summer recruiting events. 

    Current and former college coaches lead each team ensure players are receving a next level education. Where will the Revolution take you?

    Box Travel Teams

    Box lacrosse is quickly becoming the new standard for off season training. But there is a big difference between participating and structured education. 

    AR Box Travel Teams will attend two tournamens in in the fall and winter exposing athletes to proper box instruction and competition.

    Phenom Holiday Showcase

    Our Holiday Camp held December 21-22 at Southpointe Fieldhouse will put youth and high school athletes in front of college coaches from D1, D2, and D3 schools.

    High school athletes (2016-2018s) compete on the 21st while middle school athletes compete on the 22nd. Limited to 100 athletes to ensure exposure. 

    We're Hiring

    08/21/2014, 6:15pm EDT
    By admin

    Looking for a Director for our National Program

    American Revolution Lacrosse is seeking a club director to manage our Fall and Summer National programs. This fall marks our fourth year and our most ambitious tournament schedule and team offerings to date. AR alumni have come from all over the country, including traditional hotbeds and developing areas. Alumni have moved on to D1, D2, D3 and MCLA programs.

    Primary responsibilities include:

    - Athlete recruiting for fall and summer programs, with coaching salary and director salary dependent upon ability to recruit to American Revolution Fall and Summer National programs.

    - Coaching at fall and summer events. AR is scheduled to be at 5 events over November (3), December (1), and January (1) and 7 events over June (4) and July (3). Different teams travel to different events; you would not be required to coach at every event, but that would be preferable.

    - College coach networking; providing college coaches with the necessary info regarding AR athletes.

    - Recruiting consulting for AR athletes, managing expectations, and clearly communicating with players and parents.

    - Hiring coaches and promoting AR events.

    Must be willing to travel, have excellent communication skills and an entrepreneurial spirit and a commitment to earning results. Not required to live in Pittsburgh.

    Salary would be a combination of coaching responsibilities and team building. Fall coaching: $3600, assuming coaching for all three teams (5 events). Summer coaching: $5300, assuming coaching all three teams (7 events). Director role: Stipend for each team. Additional income from coaching at camps, recruiting for international teams.

    Interested candidates should send a resume, letter of interest, and three references via e-mail.  Appointment: Part-Time

    Contact for application and information: Peter F. Tumbas, Director.  E-mail:ptumbas@americanrevolutionlax.com

    Fall Box Training Coming to Pittsburgh

    08/21/2014, 6:00pm EDT
    By admin

    Indoor lacrosse isn't the same thing as learning box lacrosse skills. 

    If you're a middle school or high school athlete that wants to learn how to play box lacrosse not simply run around inside at a winter league, sign up for AR Fall Box Training today.

    Team USA member Marcus Holman and Team Canada member Jordan MacIntosh are signed up as guest coaches. More on the way.

    Phenom Camp Registration Now Open

    01/12/2014, 5:45pm EST
    By admin

    Phenom Camp registration is now open.

    Phenom Prep Camp is limited to 60 total 2015 and 2016 athletes.

    Phenom Futures Camp is limited to 100 athletes per grade (2017 and 2018.)

    Phenom Camp Registration Opens This Weekend

    01/09/2014, 2:15pm EST
    By admin

    Phenom Camp registration opens this weekend.

    June 10-12 for 2015s and 2016s

    June 17-19 for 2017s and 2018s

    Both camps will be held at the Southpointe Fieldhouse.